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Hyundai was for a while the best-selling sedan in its segment. It was able to beat heavyweights such as Skoda, Volkswagen. Now, after 4 years, new Elantra has arrived and it seems even more impressive and promising.

How it’s inside?
. large 8-inch touchscreen
. vertical vents
. air-con control housing
. dash-top, armrest, steering and gearknob is either finished in soft plastics or leather

How it drives?
. Smooth driving
. good for 152 bhp
. linear power delivery
. You also get ‘Eco’ ‘Normal’ and ‘Sport’ modes
. Motor is quite refined and driving the Elantra is a soothing experience

Why should I buy it?
. motors being exceptionally silent
. all-rounder with good space, a premium cabin
. Elantra is a premium sedan that can be easily recommended

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